Hello, we are a Trading Company From Vancouver .

We are importing and selling Turkish Towels AKA Peshtemals.

KOOM COLLECTION brings you a taste of centuries-old tradition with high quality Turkish Towels-Peshtemals.

A Turkish towels, also known as peshtemal or hammam towel have a long history of being used in the Turkish bath for nearly six hundred years.

Our collection is the place where the new meets the old.

Koom Collection's peshtemals are manufactured in a fully traditional weaving loom from the high quality natural Turkish cotton and bamboo and herbal silk mix.

Turkish cotton, is a premium cotton that has extra-long fibres. It grows in a small region of the Aegean part of Turkey.

There are more than 100 handloom workshops weaving our peshtemals, spread over various Anatolian villages in Turkey. This system keeps the traditional art of hand woven peshtemals alive.

We supply the weaving yarn to our weavers using certified dyes which do not include toxic chemicals.

Our handloomed collection are 2-3 times lighter and more durable compared to regular towels. They are extremely soft and absorbent and dry easily, which keep them fresh. Turkish towels or peshtemals are ideal for SPA centers, Gyms, Yoga and perfect for a fun day at the beach, or as a relaxing bath towel at home!

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More than just a towel...


Minimalism of the West, mysticism of the East through Turkish towels...

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Peshtemal is everything you need from a towel and even more...

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